Abdullah Öcalan: War and Peace in Kurdistan

Abdullah Öcalan: War and Peace in Kurdistan

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The Kurdish settlement area comprises the entire Middle East. Hence, all Kurdish aspirations to nationhood will always involve several Middle Eastern countries and sources of conflict.

In this essay, Abdullah Öcalan gives an overview of the historical background of the Kurdish question and offers options and possible solutions.

Abdullah Öcalan actively led the Kurdish liberation struggle as the head of the PKK from its foundation in 1978 until his abduction on 15 February 1999. He is still regarded as a leading strategist and the most important political representative of the Kurdish freedom movement.

Under isolation conditions at Imrali Island Prison, Öcalan authored more than 10 books which revolutionised Kurdish politics. Several times he initiated unilateral ceasefires of the guerilla and presented constructive proposals for a political solution of the Kurdish issue.

From 2009 until mid-2011 Turkish state authorities led a "dialogue" with Öcalan. Since 27 July 2012 he is being held again in total isolation at Imrali Island Prison.

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