Abdullah Öcalan: The Road Map to Negotiations

Abdullah Öcalan: The Road Map to Negotiations

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The Road Map is an extraordinary document. It was the centerpiece of the secret dialogue process between Abdullah Öcalan and the Turkish state that started in 2009 and was broken off in mid-2011. 

Here Öcalan defines the necessary steps that have to be met for a serious peace process to start. At the same time he outlines a real solution of the Kurdish issue. Going beyond traditional solutions like statehood or territorial autonomy, he envisions a democratic nation and a common homeland for all countries where Kurds live, indeed for the whole Middle East. Refusing traditional arguments, he gives all parties concerned something to think about.

“The Road Map offers ‘a solution to the Kurdish question’ in Turkey. But it raises issues that are far more general and widespread than the specific geohistorical questions it discusses.” --Immanuel Wallerstein“The Road map is great, thoughtful, clear and convincing.”--Prof. Hasan Hanafi, Dep. of Philosophy, Cairo University"The Road Map to Negotiations is not only about ending the years of depression and repression of the Kurds but also about creating a truly democratic constitution for Turkey." --Mufid Abdulla, The Kurdistan Tribune

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